The Kratos: Mobile Advertising Platform | A Digital Ad Server Network

This our Story

At Kratos our sole objective is to continuously enhance performance for advertisers across various digital channels, publishers and across devices using our platforms. We achieve this by identifying right performance parameters for each campaign, algorithmically planning media buy across digital channels, continuously tracking performance across hundreds of variables and optimizing each campaign with the help of machine learning. Our platforms have helped advertisers across verticals ranging from e com to BFSI to real estate to automotive in increasing their customer base and exponentially increase their sales. We also help market research agencies to collect and collate data from respondents programmatically.


3rd I

3rd I is a survey set up and distribution platform. The interface allows market research companies to set up survey campaigns for river sampling using programmatic medium. The quota management, incentive management and preliminary termination module enables clients to set up surveys and manage them with relative ease and high efficiency. The outlier termination systems, sample duplication filter,  Unique customer fingerprinting, pattern recognition systems enables clients to maintain a high standard of respondent quality


KAMS is an affiliate management and tracking system that is tied up with more than 250 affiliates in India. KAMS is capable of tracking multiple events per campaign across multiple sources. KAMS has delivered more than 30 million application downloads in last 2 years and is capable of handling millions of events per day


M brain is an integrated marketing platform that manages and optimizes campaigns across channels like Facebook, Google, Bing etc via APIs. It simplifies campaign management by distributing campaigns across multiple channels through single set up. M Brain decreases iteration time from weeks to hours resulting in huge savings on advertisement budget. M Brain analyzes data from all channels and optimizes campaigns across channels and across hundreds of variables with in each channel continuously thereby increasing performance


Kratos DSP is a real time bidding platform capable of scaling to billions of ad request on a daily basis and is tied with all major global supply side partners. Equipped with modular targeting, flexible pricing and performance algorithms, Kratos DSP helps advertisers increase return on investment on each Ad dollar spent


Programatic River Sampling

Traditional on ground sample collection for surveys are facing an increasing number of accessibility and quality challenges with passing time. With an addressable base of 450 million internet users spread across cities and villages of India cutting across gender, Age and SECs programmatically collecting samples is the solution.

App Download

Each application has unique lifecycle and requires an unique user acquisition strategy. We help enterprises and app developers with planning user acquisition strategy for their applications and getting registrations, usage and downloads for their applications

Lead and Sales generation

Kratos works with enterprises across verticals to generate interested leads and sales for their products and services. We also provide services to contact the raw leads and convert them into interested leads.

At Kratos our sole objective is to continuously enhance performance for advertisers across various digital channels, publishers and across devices using our platforms