Simplifying Ad Technology
Working towards making Ad tech more
efficient through an unified
platform & programmatic budget allocation
Maximize Return on Investment
Precise targeting
Programmatic fund allocation
Optimized reach
Get the best value for your inventory
Broad spectrum of advertisers
consistent Fill rates
transparent reporting
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Kratos is an advertisement technology company. Our area of focus is the mobile ecosystem.

Kratos was established in 2013 with registered office in Singapore. Kratos also has a development center in Bangalore and marketing & sales offices in Mumbai and Delhi.

Kratos is founded by a team of individuals with more than 35 years of combined experience in the space of mobile and ad technology and with a history of three successful startups in mobile technology space and one in entertainment space.

We developed our own mobile ad serving platform which is highly scalable, and forms the foundation of our ad network, in a record timespan of less than four months. This has been made possible by a team of very talented and motivated technology professionals whose consistent focus has been and would be to push the boundaries of Ad tech.

Key people
Upal Pradhan

Upal Pradhan
Managing Director.

Upal has more than 7 years of experience in the mobile and entertainment space and more than 5 years of experience in mobile advertisements.   He has been the India head
View Upal Pradhan's LinkedIn profile   View my profile Read more of Techzone since 2010 and has been instrumental in the evolution of Techzone into one of largest mobile entertainment and platform companies.
View Upal Pradhan's LinkedIn profile   View my profile Read less

Venkatakrishna T

Venkatakrishna T
Chief Architect.

Venki has 20 years of DEV experience in enterprise catalogs, supplier relationship management, business  intelligence & digital advertising. In his long   engineering   career
View Venki Tirumala's LinkedIn profile   View my profile Read more he has been associated with IBM, i2 technologies, Tumri, Collective & Numerify. He was a core member of the engineering team at Tumri, which pioneer dynamic optimization for display advertising. Venki holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science from Indian Institute of Science.
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Naveen Bhandari

Naveen Bhandari

Naveen has more than 15 years experience in mobile ecosystem and one of the pioneers of mobile VAS in India. He is the   founder of Techzone, one of     the largest     mobile VAS
View Naveen Bhandari's LinkedIn profile   View my profile Read more companies in India which has recently been acquired by Eros international. He is also a cofounder of Black n Green, a Global IVR solutions company with presence in more than 30 countries, Tapmobi, a mobile application development company and Muzik247, which has more than 60% market share(in less than 2 years of starting) in Malayalam music industry.
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Maximize the ROI

We help you achieve the maximum returns for you chosen objective by precise targeting and better budget allocation.

Dedicated account managers

Your single point of contact would be continuously monitoring the performance and would be making dynamic changes so as to achieve maximum returns.


A wide range of reports helps you to get actionable feedback and plan your campaigns accordingly.

Our core objective is to maximize the return on investment for our advertisers on mobile. Our ad platform is capable of targeting multiple parameters so that advertisers can communicate with their target audiences in the most efficient manner.

We are continuously working towards making action-oriented advertisements on mobile based on various objectives of visibility, app download, lead generation etc., more and more efficient.

Our goal is to enable advertisers to reach their target audience on mobile through a single unified platform in a few simple steps and to get maximum ROI for their objectives through efficient fund allocation, programmatic targeting and better bidding.


Best value for your inventory

We help you monetize your inventory the best by having a wide range of advertisements and algorithms to attain best possible targeting.

Dedicated account manager

We have dedicated account managers who are constantly monitoring your performance and would provide regular inputs on how to derive more value.


We provide APIs through which our partners can directly pull reports from the system, thus avoiding any manual intervention.

Kratos helps mobile publishers and supply side partners maximize the value of their advertisement inventory. We achieve this by a combination of continued investment in technology and close coordination with our publishing partners. Our algorithms ensure that publishers receive maximum value for each ad request through a combination of precise targeting and effective CPM maximization. The diversity of ads ensures excellent fill rates. Our operations team closely collaborates with publishers, giving constant inputs on various ways to improve monetization of their inventory.

We provide live reporting to all our supply site partners through logins and APIs to maintain complete transparency. Our ad server is RTB 2.0 compliant.

Kratos Network

Kratos Network

Kratos Network is our ad serving platform which has been built to scale indefinitely. Kratos Network is a very robust and adaptable ad delivery platform with very fast Read more processing time. It can process ad requests, target and serve ads in less than 2 milli second.

It is capable of targeting audiences on multiple parameters. The platform has a multitude of features to ensure a maximization of ROI for advertisers and ECPM for publishers. Read less

Affiliate Platform

Affiliate Platform

Kratos affiliate is a programmatic   affiliate advertisement   platform which enables advertisers to reach their target     audience on mobile   through multiple channels on   a Read more unified platform.

Advertisers would be able to target various ad networks including Kratos Network, apps, publishers, social networks through a single platform and would get an integrated analytics.

Affiliate Platform is compatible with APIs of various ad networks , apps, social networks.

It is integrated with multiple third party trackers and any third party tracker can be integrated in a few simple steps.

Kratos affiliate would help advertisers to have a complete grasp of their campaigns in the otherwise scattered mobile ecosystem. This in turn would help advertisers to achieve a better ROI for their objectives.

With Affiliate Platform we are working towards enabling advertisers to maximize ROI for their specific objective using multiple mobile channels through programmatic budget allocation across channels and precise targeting. Read less

White Label Solutions

White Label Solutions

"White Label Solution is for publishers to monetize   their   inventories  in-house." Any media   company with   mobile inventory can now   have their   own branded   ad serving Read more solution within a day using White Label Solutions. White Label Solutions can either reside in the publisher servers or Kratos managed servers as per the convenience of the client. We provide solutions ranging from only installation to full scale operations management.

White Label Solutions has been designed in a way so that users can learn it fast and operate through simple steps.

White Label Solutions is indefinitely scalable and uses the latest technologies for extremely fast processing. It has been architected in a modular fashion so that components can be added/changed as per client requirement from time to time without affecting other functions. Read less


Kratos is an Advertisement Technology company at heart.We prefer a cheerful work space with an ecosystem conducive to innovation. Most of our initiatives are employee driven.

On the technology front ad tech is one of the most challenging technologies in terms of sheer volumes (in terms of Billions of ad request per day), necessary processing time (less than a few milli seconds for each request), data sciences(continuous works on algorithms to improve various parameters) and it is a field with tremendous scope for innovation in every aspect.

On the marketing side people contribute to the overall strategy irrespective of their position and are encouraged to conceptualize and execute new assignments.We encourage every member of Kratos to learn, innovate and enjoy their journey with us.

"A person who never made a mistake has never tried anything new "     - Albert Einstein.

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